Importance of Reading

What is the best way to spend free time? There can be so many different answers to this question. That depends on the preferences of a person. If you are lively and active, you may spend time outdoors or doing sports, if you are sociable, you may enjoy holding a party and communicating with various interesting celebrities. Some of us get so tired of the noise than wait till a nice evening to tackle in and read a nice book to relax or to learn something new or to get to the new world of wonders and travel in it, forgetting about the reality.

But these are only some of us. What about those, who detest even the appearance of the book and assure that they are allergic to its smell? There are a lot of other ways to get educated and to entertain oneself, but nothing can substitute reading. If to try, it can be much fun. For instance, it is very useful to read books to little children, almost infants, that way they get used to your voice and the manner of talking and you