How To Housebreak Your Dog...Even If It's Still A Puppy.

The one unpleasant aspect of owning any puppy is the job of housebreaking. As cute as puppies are, each must be trained but remember that every puppy will conquer housebreaking although at a different rate. While some dog breeds can be housebroken in a very short amount of time, other breeds can be quite challenging.
Paper Training
Paper training or using commercially made training pads should be avoided. While this method of training has long been promoted as being easy and successful, the truth is that it teaches the puppy that going potty indoors is acceptable. Instead of encouraging the puppy to go outside, it actually causes confusion. Therefore, you should consider paper training as a last resort.
Crate Training
Using a crate to potty train your new puppy is an excellent and very effective method. With crate training, your puppy will, in time learn to wait to do its business outdoors. It is important to remember that puppies, just like babies, have very small bladders. For this reason, getting your puppy to wait through the night without needing to go outside will take a few months. This is normal and requires patience, love, and support on your part. With crate training, the right type of behavior is encouraged in your new puppy.
Regardless of the breed, with dedication and a lot of patience, your puppy will learn the rules. Keep in mind that age does play a role in how easy your dog will complete the process. Since a small puppy eats more meals than an adult dog does, you can expect more trips outside. For this reason, you will need to set up a schedule that coordinates with the puppy