How to Go From Thinking To Doing

This condition has applied to all of another or us at one time. Admit it. There are times when you have thought about doing something but never got around to doing it. You are not alone. Many people spend a considerable amount to time thinking, but not doing. The problem here lies not in the thinking, but in the lack of action. It doesn't have to be that way. You can change if you learn to think and plan your next steps so you know what to do. Thinking and not acting on your thoughts can be habit forming and often leads to what I call chronic procrastination. That is when you put off doing most things instead of doing them when they need to be done. This leads to always being late, often being behind and to being in a constant state of trying to catch up. You know who you are. You are not alone and there is something you can do to change your situation. Here are some tips for how you can go from thinking to doing. n Get in the habit of writing down your thoughts about things you want to do or that you think you ought to do. Keep a pad with you wherever you do. Write down even your random thoughts that you may not spend much time on. n Review this list at least once each week and remove any items that no longer appeal to you. n Choose an item from the list and make a plan for how you will get it done. Set a time line, make notes on who and what you will need to take that thought and turn it into action. n Don't be afraid to cross items off the list if they cease to appeal to you after a few weeks. n After a few weeks you should be seeing a pattern, as you will begin to get a sense of what is really worth thinking and acting upon. n Look for any connection that might exist between the thoughts you have collected. After a few weeks, if you are faithful to this process you will find that you are actually spending more time doing than thinking. Over the weeks you will have disciplined yourself and taught yourself to organize your thoughts and to create a plan of action. You will be amazed at how much you are getting done. You will find that procrastination is much less of an issue because you will know what to do and when. You will be surprised how productive you can be and how much time you will have for other things. The items you cross off the list over and over and the items you don't write a plan of action for, help you to determine what is really important in your life. Concentrate on the things that matter and you will be motivated to set goals, plan and carry them out. You can go from thinking to doing. Your thoughts today can become your successes tomorrow. Use the tips in this article to think, plan and then act. Take some time now and think about it.