How To Ask For Anything You Want

. I am astonished at the many people who have not achieved their aims because they simply did not ask how it is done. Think of all the missed opportunities, frustration pain, and yes, even suffering people endure because they are not willing, or do not know how or whom to ask. This article will help you ask for anything. First, let's look at some of the reasons people don't ask for what they want. I believe the primary reason people don't ask for what they want is plain old-fashioned ignorance. I don' mean to be offensive, but ignorance in that they just don't know. Either they don't know what is available to them because they have never been exposed to it, or they are so out of touch with themselves that they no longer can tell their real needs and wants. Another way ignorance come into play is that many times people just don't know who to ask, when to ask or how to ask. This may sound simple, but when you find yourself in a new situation, or new dilemma you often don't know which way to turn. A second hindrance to asking for what you want is the notion that we should not need to ask. Unfortunately, may people were raised to believe there is something wrong with asking. Some even see asking as a form of weakness or admission of failure. They couldn't be farther from the truth. Third, many of us do not ask for what we want because of fear of rejection or embarrassment. Sometimes such fears are based on hurtful incidents form the past, especially during the childhood years. Sadly, to avoid rejection and embarrassment many of us settle for a lifetime of underachievement based on these unfounded fears. A fourth consideration in not asking for what you want is that all too familiar low self-esteem. I have found that many, if not most of us feel unworthy or inadequate to create the kind of life we want. As a result, we convince ourselves that our needs and wants are not worth pursuing - so we don't ask. The fifth reason I believe we don't ask for what we want is pride. Many of us are convinced we need to do everything for ourselves and fear we will look foolish or lose respect among our family and peers if we admit the need for assistance. None of these situations should keep you from getting what you want and need out of live. You must take control of your life by asking for what you want and need. You must begin to believe you can accomplish anything your heart desires. You need to unlearn some tired old unproductive beliefs beginning with the five listed above. You can learn to overcome these hindrances and ask for anything you want by: n Getting rid of ignorance. Start asking questions now about anything you don't understand. Ask people how and why they do what they do and ask them why they do it? The difference between success and failure is often as simple as asking how. n Don't worry about what other people think, do or say. Always ask the questions you need answers for. Remember, you will not receive what you don's seek after. n Accept rejection as a part of life. Rejection is a part of human existence, accept it and live with it by not taking it personally. Keep asking and in time someone will answer. Don't give up because you feeling get hurt. Keep moving and asking. n Don't wait until you have reached some imagined degree of perfection before you ask for help or information. Your self-worth must be based on what you know about yourself, not what other think about you. Ask for what you need or want no matter what others may think of you. n Put your pride in check. Pride goes before the fall. In other words, don't fail to succeed because pride caused you to act out of ignorance instead of knowledge. Ask the questions you need to ask and ask them of whom you need to ask. Pride will not get it done. Asking the right questions of the right person will make all the difference in the world for you. Now you are ready to find the answers to whatever questions you have been pondering. Read this article again and print it out. Take it with you if necessary, but do, right now, today - begin to ask for anything you want.