Dump Those Negative Habits Now!

Think about it. You know and are known to many by what you repeatedly do. How many times have you referred to someone as the smoker, the excessive talker, the liar, the nail biter, the spoilsport, the devil's advocate, the screamer or many even the drunk? Could the same types of things be said of you? It is important to recognize that you need to dump those negative habits now. All of these are bad habits that become a part of the person that people remember, identify with, and may be offended. These are not all the bad habits that exist, but they are some of the ones that tend to isolate individuals and often lead to frustration and hinder their growth and development. They all have a negative impact on the person holding them and on those in their presence. You many take the position that your negative habits are nobody's business, but they are unless you plan to live in isolation. Bad habits are a problem in personal and business relationships. Negative and bad behavior is often at the root of interpersonal relationships in families and on the job. Unless you want to live you life with the ever-increasing number of people who will refuse to put up with your habits, you need to dump your negative behaviors (whatever they are) now. Whether you know it or not and whether you admit it or not, negative habits hold you back. Negative behaviors hinder or prevent success. You must break those negative habits and you must do it now! Here's how you can start breaking your bad habits today. You can follow these three preliminary steps: 1. Become aware of your bad habits. Bring them into your consciousness before by noticing the things you do and say and by gauging people's response to what you do or say. It also helps to ask an honest friend to help you catch yourself when you exercise your negative behavior. 2. Examine the motivation for your negative actions. Is it to cover up fear or lack of self-esteem? Or perhaps it is to escape or numb some pain within you? 3. Examine the consequences of your bad habits. What you losing by being loud and overly sensitive, for example. What are you losing by having to run outside at every break time to pug on a cigarette? Just how inconvenient is it to hide your binge eating? How is your drinking impacting every area of your life? Now that I've gathered the facts, it's time to unleash the power of choice and decide to act. Pin it down. Decide what you will work on first? Find out what steps are involved and what you need to get started. Once you have identified the habits you want to change and how to go about it you are ready to begin your transformation. What I need to do now is form new habits. Replace negative ones with good ones. You develop good habits in the same manner that you've already developed bad ones mainly, by repetition. Every time you catch yourself about to repeat the bad habit or behavior stop, and do something else, or walk away from the setting or situation where the negative behavior usually takes over. You have to take and maintain control of the habit! Stop holding on to negative habits that are doing you no good and may be keeping you from the success you deserve. Let them go now! It may not happen overnight. You must work at it every day. You can do it. Just give yourself time. Your goal, your aim, your powerful secret of success is to develop the habits that will bring the results you desire to reach. If you do this success is assured.