What Women Really Want - A Guide for Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Many men struggle every year with the tormenting question of what to buy their sweetheart for Valentine's Day. In an effort to simplify this daunting task, and being in the gift giving industry myself, I thought I'd share some of my expertise and knowledge with the layman. Although I cannot speak for all women, I can certainly give some absolutely wonderful advice and great gift ideas. First and foremost, I must confess that I am not a relationship expert. This article is being written from my own profound wants and desires for the perfect Valentine's Day. Unfortunately for men, not all women are alike, and therefore, all do not want and desire the same things. This article will focus on a few great Valentine's Day ideas that I believe would satisfy the majority of normal women. My initial thought regarding Valentine's Day is that it is an event to be remembered. For this reason, I love the idea of creating a special day for your loved one. As the mother of two young children, I would love nothing more than a nice relaxing day at a luxurious spa. Can't afford to send your loved one on a spa holiday? Find yourself a gift basket filled with sensational bath products, enabling you to bring the spa home, at a much more affordable price. Most women will greatly appreciate the much needed relaxing time alone. Another way to make the event memorable is to have a Valentine's Day picnic. Weather permitting, a picnic can be a tremendously romantic afternoon. A picnic basket with service for two would be the place to start. Then add some gourmet treats, specialty foods, and a chilled bottle of wine. If the weather is inclement, as it still is in many parts of the country, take the picnic inside. Spread out a nice picnic blanket, put on some soft music, light some candles and picnic inside for a charming dinner meal. Quiet time together is the key for this gift idea. Not interested in sitting on the floor? Create a gourmet meal for two and serve it up at the dinner table. I know very few women who really want to cook a three course meal on Valentine's Day. Find a great recipe book or try a gourmet gift basket filled with all the dinner necessities, including the mood-setting candles. Can't cook? Order out and set it all up for your loved one as a surprise. Don't forget cleanup duty. Do it after dinner or even the next day, but don't let her lift a finger. Believe me, she will love a break from kitchen duties for a night. Of course, there's always the classic gift of flowers, candy and even jewelry. But I've always felt that these are just "things" and are soon forgotten after the special day. Flowers die, candy gets eaten, and jewelry gets dusty in a jewelry box. Make Valentine's Day what it really is...a day to celebrate love with the love of your life. Make it an event to be remembered by pampering your loved one. You only get an excuse to do it once per year.