Problem Plants in Your Yard

Wild Plants That Are Poisonous Do you raise plants in your backyard that now and them you nibble on in a salad? Remember always, anytime you want to eat something that's wild: When in doubt, leave it out. Poisonous doesn't mean deadly all the time, but who wants to get even sick? This article may help you avoid problem plants. Nightshade is recognizable by its purple and yellow flower. Don't even handle a lot and then rub your eyes or put your fingers to your mouth. Dogwood trees and flowers are poisonous, we can ONLY EAT THE BERRIES. Houndstoungue, which looks like the big dog's long tounge. Wild rose plant beyond the rose hips, IS poisonous. MOST mushrooms. Remember they're fungus. Actually, mushrooms are the fruit of a fungus. Although only only about 1% will cause death, quite a few more can cause sickness. There are thousands of different mushrooms and other things that look like 'em, like toadstools, so don't eat ANY unless you are absolutely sure they're safe. And, don't rely on the old notion that if you cook 'em and they don't turn black, all's well. Mushrooms do have some wonderful anti-oxidants, like ergothionome RED elderberries are poisonous. The purple ones are okay. Fertilizers and soil ammendments like man-made Ammonium Nitrate, Hydrated Lime or even natural manure can be poisonous when concentrated. Remember not to rub your eyes or touch your mouth while working with these materials. And yes, like mom always said, wash your hands before eating See other helpful artticles by Bill at: