Often Short Term Gain Equals Long Term Pain!

Can there really be a short-term gain? Which you trade off in the end and it gets you into long-term pain? I believe this statement is true and I'll show you in a way that I feel you will understand and feel my pain in this situation. Have you ever had a checking account and you wrote a ton of bad checks? I mean you have a week before they all clear and you can write as many as you want but this short term gain does really in all reality screws you in the end. Not only do you have to pay the money out, you pay a $30 returned check fee on top of all that and if you can't pay it off, you will then be turned into collections and then the phones will be ringing off the hook. Now do you see where the short term gain, the stuff that you wanted but didn't need it can turn into long term pain? Now let's look at this by looking at other situations and how they affect our life. Have you ever felt that you had to have a doughnut everyday? What if you can't stay away from the good stuff, all the sweets? Well let me tell you what happens, slowly and surly you add a few pounds here and a few pounds there and before you know it you are 30 pounds over weight. Now that you went from a 34 to a 38 waist line you figure that you must lose some weight. Now can you see where short term gain, eating all the sweets that you wanted and never worrying about your weight and this made you very happy because it made you feel good. Now lets look at the down side, the long term pain. Do you know how hard it is to lose 4 inches off your waist? I mean it goes on quickly and easily, but is a son of a gun to get it off. It will take literally months of exercise and sweat and lots of hard work to get back to where you were at and that is a 34 waist line. Now do you see how being conscious of the short term gains and looking at them closely and see which ones will cause long term pain and decide if it will be worth the effort to overcome the long term pain. If you feel that you need to gain the short term pleasure, then make sure you know the consequences to your actions. Because this will give you a blue print for what to do and what to avoid and if you were wise you would look at the situation and decied if the short term gain, will be easier than long term pain that you will receive from the other?