I Want To Rock!

What do I mean I want rock? I must be showing my age, it was a heavy mental band from the eighties, Twisted Sister. Does this mean I think we all should bang are heads? I don't think so. Now if we aren't to bang our heads what are we supposed to do? Have you ever said to yourself, if I knew now what I didn't know then, I would go back in a heartbeat? I believe that most people in there thirties would normally say this, let's take a closer look at this statement. Would you really go back in life if you were to be sixteen again? I mean all the new drugs, ecstasy and the like, cigarette companies trying to get you hooked by going after the 14 to 16 year olds, because if they can they know that they have a sucker for life. Now I bet you are saying to yourself they say not to smoke now, then why I asked do you see all the magazine ads look so cool and how you look great with a cigarette in your hand. Same with chew, dip, rub, snuff, well all know the baseball players do it and none of them are dying. Wrong answer there is plenty of baseball players to old to play anymore but they are only thirty-eight or thirty-nine. Far from over the hill, that come down with mouth cancer, we never here of those sad, sad stories of how half there jaw was removed, yet every kid wants to be like the big boys so they give it a try and then they get hooked and it is all over but the crying, so it gets passed down to another generation. So now, we look at peer pressure and the fact that every song on the radio is about sex, sex, sex so now you have to worry about being sexually active at a young age. Of course, you want more than your parents had, and this makes you an unruly kid, and you want it now! Let's not leave out the fact that they are not letting kids be kids anymore, I mean they shove school work down their throats at such a young age, they barely get to bang their knee. Now let's not forget about alcohol and how dangerous it is becoming to drink. Now people will call them social drinking, well let me tell you, what I know about social drinking, it doesn't exist because when people start to get a buzz, this is when it is hard to stop, because you feel so good, so you decide at the tender age of 17 you are going to get drunk at this weekends party. You get drunk and have unsafe sex, opps I may not be pregnant but the Doctor says I have aides, do you really think there is still social drinking? You and I both know that you would have never slept with him or her and to top it all off, your boyfriend didn't know you cheated on him and you have sex with him infecting him with HIV and now you are pregnant! Now you have slain your first-born child who has aids because you thought it would be ok to have a "SOCIAL DRINK". Now do you see all the pressure of the younger generation and what they must face today? Would you really want to go back after all that we have seen, or would you stay in your easy chair and try and raise your children to the best of your ability? I mean does it really sound that appealing to you, as I take a closer look at the situation, I see pain and lots of it and all I can think is the fact that I DON'T WANT ROCK and as far as that goes, let the eighties end, it was a sexual revelation that needs to put to rest, that we can teach our kids, what we did wrong and why they should try and learn from our mistakes. I don't want to rock! I prefer Barry Manilows Even Now! It kind of goes like this, even I wake up crying in the middle of the night wondering where you are and what I've done, even now, even now I wake up crying asking myself were you are and what I have done wrong, even now that we have come so far, I wondering what where you are and what you'd do if you knew, that even know I wake up crying in the middle of the night wondering were you are and what you'd do if you knew, I still cared! Therefore, I say once again, I don't want to go back and I don't want to rock anymore, because even now I wake up crying!