Valentines Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again when we are all in search of the ultimate Valentines Gift ideas for that special day. Valentines Day comes year after year and let's face it most of us are reduced to uninspired purchases such as heart shaped chocolates, flowers, or we get really desperate and buy the all popular red teddy bear. You're not alone we have all made the mistake of repeat gift giving for no other reason than...last minute shopping. Last minute shopping is at an all time high for most occasions including Valentines day and Christmas. Statistics revealed that the majority of Americans only start their shopping at least two days before the big day. Does this mean that we are living mechanically, barely getting through the daily grind, or are we just simply uninspired? Most of us live in a blur of events, a hustle and bustle that weaves our existence from one day to the next. Work, school, kids, programs, birthdays, holidays...there's so much going on that we live uninspired lives. Well it's never too late. You can still pull it together if you allow yourself to be inspired with new and original Valentines gift ideas. Start by taking some time to really absorb the richness of the holiday. It's a day of love, of appreciation for those we care for. It's a day set aside from all other days when we can stand up to the plate and really declare our love for that special someone. You need a plan before you go into a store and succumb to buying something you didn't give any thought to. Think about the one you love and how that person makes you feel. Your gift should reflect that. Think about what that person values, what they treasure and what will put a smile on their face. Here are a few Valentines gift ideas that might inspire you to reach a little further to make somebody's day one they will never forget. 1. Write a love letter and attach it to your present - this way you're not just signing your name to something someone else wrote. (If you want to add to that you can spray the envelope with a romantic scent to create the mood). 2. Make a coupon book - you can get as creative as you want! 3. Valentines Day treasure hunt - leave notes with clues your special someone can follow that will lead them to a special treasure. 4. Put together a basket - with a theme of course, filled with treasures like candles, wine and other trinkets. 5. Turn a picture into a painting - you can have a painting created from a photo done right at your local photo developing studio. 6. Valentine Love Plaque - cards gets stored in drawers and boxes but a plaque hangs on a wall or shelf where it can be read everyday. Whatever way you choose to celebrate the holiday make it count for something special. Get inspired, be inventive, and most importantly, give from the heart!