Advertising Without Spamming and Annoying Others!

Hello Internet Users! I am Jim Bonham owner of Bonham Enterprise's. It's hard to get known here in the world of many websites. I do the Newsletter/Ezine thing to help promote my business. The massive emails are out of the question because I do not like Spam no more than any of you. This article is one of my best ways to get known out here in the massive sea of the internet without doing the Spamming and Annoying Others! The other way is you and your friends telling others about my website... which is the most important way and the way I appreciate the most. This makes me work so much harder to make my website a very useful too; for you all. In my book... a Satisfied Customer is the only way to make a business grow. My website is about you! The Customer that needs a place for service and a website that meets your needs. The feedback I get from my visitors help me continue to improve my site each week. So to keep it short... it's you (My Valued Customer and Visitor) that helps me continue to build this website into a very useful internet website for all! Thank you for your input and suggestions. My website ( ) has a lot to offer everyone. From shopping for most anything you need to finding a loan and a home. Even selling your home, car, boat, ATV, etc. I have the means on my website to share anything with your friends, co-workers and associates really easy, if you like what you see and the services offered. All I am asking is that you please just visit and see the website that I have devoted so many long hard hours into to make it a useful website for all. You can even send Fresh Flowers to someone the same day from my website One Stop Shop Online Mini Mall. So in closing... I ask you to visit my website and share it with others. If you need something that I do not offer, send me a message from my site and let me know. I will try and make it available for you and others. Thank you for taking time to read this article. Have a wonderful New Year! Sincerely, Jim Bonham Bonham Enterprise's