D-Nile Not Just a River in Egypt

If you are a parent or you have a significant other whom you think may have a substance abuse problem, or if you think there is no problem - take just a moment and read this self-help guide for enablers. The first step is to determine if you have a problem with enabling a loved one who is careening down the road of addiction. The most tell-tell sign that you have a problem is that you will not want to read further. Please keep reading and do your best to answer honestly. * Have you ever avoided talking about the problem because it makes your loved one mad? * Have you ever found what you thought was drug paraphernalia in you house and just threw it away and pretended like you didn't know what it was? * Have you ever threatened the police with a lawsuit for arresting a loved one for drug or alcohol issues? * Have you ever suspected that your loved one was high and been too afraid to confront them? * Have you ever threatened a Doctor with a lawsuit because he refused to prescribe your loved one pain medication? * Do you keep track of all of your loved ones court dates and fine payments for them? * Do you lie for your loved one when they fail to comply with court orders and or treatment recommendations? * Do you lie for your loved one when they have a dirty drug test? * When people notice peculiar behavior about your loved one do you make excuses? * Do you cave into manipulation because it is easier to believe the lie? * Do you buy varieties of alcohol so your loved one will drink at home? * Have you ever told your loved one that it was not their fault? * Have you ever blamed legal problems on over zealous police? * Have you ever smelt marijuana smoke on your teen and believed them when they said that they were just with some one who smoked it? * Have you ever called your loved ones work and lied because they were too hung over to come in? * Have you ever justified your loved ones actions saying, "Everyone experiments when they are young." * Do you ever watch programs with drug related content and feel worm and fuzzy inside when they minimize and joke about drug use? * Do you ever drive your loved one to their heroine dealer because they are sick? * Do you hide excessive alcohol containers from friends and family? * Do you apologize to your loved one when they suffer consequences from their addiction? * Have you ever read an obituary of a youth and the parents wrote that they died of sleep apnea, but you know better because the deceased is a friend of your loved ones and you know they died of an overdose? If so read it carefully chances are you will be writing the next one.