**Good Decision Making Needs Time**

How is your decision making? I have always prided myself on being a positive decisive person. Quick to make decisions, confident in my ability to be right most of the time. Maybe this stemmed from my initial technical training which gave me analytical skills and an ability to think logically with objectivity. A recent study has shown there are number of interesting and important factors that affect the quality of decision making. Apparently managers generally are very sure of themselves when it comes to decision making because 90% reported they are confident in their own decision making abilities. However, they can become frustrated in their efforts to be decisive because of pressure from colleagues, bureaucracy or lack of resources. They admitted that these pressures had affected some of their decisions, against their better judgement. The majority of managers preferring to rely on rational analysis rather than 'gut feeling'. The survey also revealed the top three characteristics for good decision making. 1 Objectivity [45%] 2 Logical thinking [47%] 3 Experience [50%] So what do we need to do when faced with difficult decisions.  Remain objective, consider all of those who will be affected by the decision. Don't opt for the easy option but make sure you are certain what will work best for those affected.  Communicate your decision. Explain your reasons so everyone knows why you came to the conclusion you reached and so understands what is expected of them.  Take your time - probably the most important. Too many people believe they have to make up their mind quickly. They believe a fast decision keeps the pressure off. Be very careful to weigh up all the factors and risks. Assess all of the options and reach a conclusion based on clear, logical considered argument. I reflect on some of my key decisions and know that if I had taken more time, shared my thoughts and taken more trouble to get real understanding from some of those affected, in some circumstances life would have been easier. I am clear that experience is the key factor and with me a little less decisiveness and taking a little more time would have been beneficial in some cases. Tip Think wrongly if you please but in all cases think for yourself. ***************************************************************** **** Resource Box: Article by Michael Harrison, Author, Publisher and Business Consultant. Learn from an expert: Go to: http://www.be-your-own-business-expert.com/ Subscribe for your Free weekly newsletter. Information for career and business minded people. Subscribe today http://www.be-your-own-business-expert.com/Bulletin.html Access our archives when you subscribe. ***************************************************************** **** **Attn: Ezine Editors / Site Owners / Webmasters / everyone** Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site as long as you leave all links in place, do not modify the content and include our resource box as listed above. You can use other articles similarly from http://www.be-your-own-business-expert.com/Articles.html OR subscribe to our FREE newsletter issued weekly. Each issue is packed with motivational, business and personal development material. Subscribe now at http://www.be-your-own-business-expert.com/Bulletin.html When you subscribe you will access our archives - no matter what your interest/specialisation there will be information there to help you. Subscribe today to receive the very next issue of 'byobe Bulletin' - Do you get it?