What You Can Do To Reduce Stress

What You Can Do To Reduce Stress It is not uncommon for students to experience stress and anxiety in college. A positive attitude, a balanced approach and relaxation exercises are just some of the ways students can combat stress. The following tips on how to reduce stress can be very useful to you: - Coping With Exams And Exam Anxiety For most students, exam time is particularly stressful. Paradoxically, many students attempt to deal with this stress in ways that are counter-productive or even self-defeating; their behavior and attitudes tend to diminish their performance on exams rather than enhance it. While there is no guarantee for an easy time on exams, there are some specific guidelines that students can follow, which will help them learn more efficiently during exam time. Remember that you are not alone: almost everyone gets somewhat anxious at exam time. It is clear that it does not help to put added stress on you by: -