He Just Doesn't Want You Anymore!

He Just Doesn't Want You Anymore! By: Monica M. Burns Ladies....if a man has told you that the relationship is over....the relationship is over! Had you noticed and not ignored all of the warning signs prior to the ending of the relationship, you would have been prepared for the break-up along with your heartbreak. Most men do not communicate their feelings with emotions, instead they are more about showing actions. Women have to learn to watch their men's actions in order to determine how he's feeling at any given time. Some men act on what feels good at the time and if that's another woman, then so be it. If he has stated to the woman that the relationship is over, he had already made that decision long ago, the woman just chose to ignore the warning signals. If he started spending minimal time with the woman, talked to the woman less and less on the phone, or just ignored her out in public while talking to other women he stated were "Only His Friends" those were some of the warning signs that the woman just chose to ignore. Women can't resort to stalking men, calling his friends at all hours, having sex with him after the break-up or trying to buy him back because he is done with the relationship. He has moved on and the woman needs to do the same. The Ex-Girlfriend should not ever confront the "new woman." It is not her fault that the woman's Ex-Boyfriend is interested in her and they are in a new relationship. The new woman should not be involved with this at all. It is not the new woman's fault that she has what the Ex-Girlfriend had and still wants. To all women who are out there chasing men who are no longer interested in them, I would advise that you move on, as hard as that may be, with your lives. You are giving your Ex-Boyfriend too much power over you by continuing to chase him, cry over him, and whatever else you are doing to get his attention. It is over! When you accept that, your decision making will lead you into happier and more stable territories. This excerpt is from my new eBooklet "He Just Doesn't Want You Anymore." For purchasing information visit my websites. Monica M. Burns copyright2006 Monica M. Burns. All Rights Reserved. About The Author Monica M. Burns is a Writer, Expert Author, and Editor/Owner of Monica M. Burns, Inc. Publications, small web based businesses providing Professional Writing Services, and Informational self-help products for women. She is also the Editor/Owner of Monica M. Burns, Inc. Online Magazine and Sweet Stimulations Online websites. She has authored several eBooklets and other reading information materials and is a featured Expert Author on many websites and in many Online Magazines. She has also contributed and won awards to several Poetic Anthologies. If you would like to publish any of this author's articles electronically or in print to your websites, ebooks, newsletters, or ezines you MUST include this resource box. Visit her websites for more information at: http://monicaburns.tripod.com http://monicaburns.tripod.com/monicamburnsinc http://monicaburnsdesigns.vstore.ca www.monicamburns.vstore.ca