The Friendship Barrier

This article is about getting over the friendship barrier for a female. If it is a girl you are really interested in your mind might be filled with doubts and insecurities: What if she says no? Am I trying to move too fast? Maybe she thought we were just friends and she will be offended if I ask. All of these fears, although natural and common, are dumb. If you want a date with this girl you have the right to ask her out. Don't allow your life to be ruled by doubt and insecurity. There are "steps" you must "walk up." To get from the friendship path to the dating path, you must walk up the five steps of the barrier. Step 1: This step may seem stupid, but it's the most important step, you have to have her name, and don't get it from someone else, if you two don't know each other already, ask her for her name! I cannot stress this enough. Step 2: Get her phone number. You might have some friends in common, so just tell her you want to keep in touch, or just tell her straight up, "Hey, *her name*, what's your number?", and if she asks why, just tell her why, don't lie! THAT IS ONE THING YOU NEVER WANT TO DO! If you lie to her in the beginning, your entire relationship (friend and romantic) will be based on a lie. Step 3: CALL HER!! This is another mistake that men make; they don't call the girl while they are just friends. Step 4: Schedule a "date." Ask the girl to see if you want to go to movie, go to a local sports game, or even a theatrical play. And plan it during something else that your friends are going to, so when she asks if your/her friends can come, you can say sure, and know that they aren't. THIS IS NOT LYING, YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH. You do want them to come, but they are going to something else, so it'll just be you and her. Step 5: Just ask her out, ask her if she wants to go out with you. Don't do this just after one "date" and keep calling her in-between. Wait until you feel comfortable. WARNING: DO NOT GO OFF THE "PATH" INTO THE FRIENDS ZONE!! There is no guarantee this will work, and this is not for everyone; from my experience, this usually works. I made this for all the "nice" and naive guys that have been dumped in the past, or are afraid to ask someone on a date. Remember all she can say is no, and it won't be that awkward between you two. This is just basic instructions, I will be writing a more extensive article, and it will be out early 2006.