Interviews Nick from the Apprentice

Recently Professional Singles interviewed Nick Warnock from NBC's First Series of The Apprentice. Lets talk about you growing up in Bayonne, New Jersey; how did growing up in a Blue Collar working town prepare you for your career ahead? Nick: You know, growing up in a Blue Collar working town was excellent for my future endeavors, especially The Apprentice. Bayonne is right across from Manhattan on the Hudson River. People value hard work there; they get up early in the morning, put in a good days work, and get home to their families. Growing up there prepared me because nothing comes easy in this world; you have to work for everything you get. Lets talk abut your move to San Diego. Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, what was your experience like at the University of San Diego, and how did school prepare you for your future ahead? Nick: San Diego was excellent; I transferred in from playing College Football at another school. I had a nice place on the beach, beautiful sand, and nice women lived there. I started surfing and explored Mexico. I really met some great friends. I majored in English Literature with an emphasis in 19th Century British Poets. The reason I did this was because I always considered myself a decent communicator and I didn't think I was up to par when it came to writing. I read a lot of books; it really sharpened my writings skills and helped me in business. When and why did you decide to try out for The Apprentice? Nick: You know it's a funny story. I was working for Xerox and Mark Burnett, from the Survivor, had moved into my territory. I was after him to buy some units. I kept calling his account, and after a year and a half (never getting the deal) they said they where doing a show with Donald Trump, and they said I seemed capable, why not submit a tape and see what happens. So, they kept making cuts and the next thing you know I am in Trump Tower in New York City competing against some fine individuals for the show I remember in one Episode you won your task and you got to spend 15 minutes with Donald in his suite, what was that experience like? Nick: It was excellent; we actually got to spend a lot of time with Mr. Trump. This was before the program was huge; he was very nice to all of us. With Mr. Trump it was a great edge to spend time with him. Unlike being voted off an Island or having other people influence the vote, he essentially was the decision maker. If you put it in a sales sense, I was able to influence him. We had common ground because we where both from the same part of the country. He also liked that I was making a move on a beautiful Texan! When you made it to the Final Four you had four grueling interviews from some of the top Executives in the world. Was there anything you would have done different? Nick: Yes, those where grueling Interviews. We had just gotten back from Mar-a-Largo the night before. We had to wake up and didn't really know what to expect. I wouldn't change a thing. What you see is what you get. I have been called cocky and arrogant, but I wouldn't change a thing...Including that thing with Amy, my behavior in the Board Room, and my antics during the task. Could you talk about Three Elements you walked away with from the show that benefited your career ahead? Nick: Confidence, Confidence, Confidence. I was confident before going there. After logging almost 40 Hours in the Board Room with Donald Trump; I feel I can hang in the Big Leagues. Financially I might not be there just yet, with the Forbes, Trumps, and the Gates. That is something that I am inspiring to do, it keeps me motivated everyday. Confidence and of course handling the media in general, people recognize you on the street. Nick, is there any advice you would give potential Apprentice candidates in the future? Nick: My advice would be yourself, if you are thinking about holding anything back in front of those casting people, don't. Just go for it, if they like you they like you. Not everybody is made to have their picture broadcasted on Television. Be charismatic, be yourself, and always have a position on everything. You only have a few seconds to try and impress these guys, so start strong from start to finish. When you submit your tapes, if you don't sound interesting within the first 30 seconds, they will shut it off and throw it out. Lets talk about you today, what are you currently doing? Nick: I work with Niche Media which publishes high end Luxury Magazines. I also have a good speaking business going; I've done over 31 venues, Nine Universities, and a lot of Corporations. I am currently working on technology called Book Drive. It will effectively scan previously distributed books with older content. I was contacted by the people who where going to launch this in the United States from my experience on the show. Lets talk about your hobbies and what you do for fun Nick: I like being social, going to parties and social events. I think its imperative for Networking Purposes. You never know who you are going to meet. You have to put yourself in the right surroundings with Young Professionals, similar to what your site is currently doing. You want to mix with the right people, you never know what opportunity might arise, and you can even find Love. I also enjoy working out, road trips; my favorite city for vacation is Cabo San Lucas. Where do you see yourself Ten Years from now? Nick: With what the show has offered me in Entertainment and hosting spots, there are so many different avenues to look at. Until those avenues are taken away from me, I am going to explore all of them. I am 29 and having fun. Sooner or later I will focus on one; but you know what...why not have fun and enjoy it all? Nick's Warnock's Personal Website Nick's Sister's site on Men.