Choosing the right baby name!

There are many things you have to do once you find out you are having a baby. One of those things is choosing a name for your baby. Some people know right away what they will name their baby, others struggle until the last minute to find a name. The last thing you want is to rush in choosing your baby's name and regret the decision later on. For children their name is a very important factor on how they are treated at school. How many times have you know a child be bullied for their name? Or found out one of your friend's uses their middle name because they hate their first name? A badly chosen name can lead to years of grief for a child. There are some basic rules that you should follow when choosing a name. 1. Don't feel the need to choose a very unique name, such as made up ones. Many people are tempted to do this as they feel it will make the child stand out from the crowd and make them feel special. However it can often be frustrating for a child when people are unable to pronounce their name. Or even worse if fellow class mates find the name funny and decide to make fun of it. 2. If you want to use an unusual name for your child balance it out with a normal name. So you would either have a unique name for the first name and a normal name for a middle name, or vice versa. This then let the child chose which name they prefer to use, they may love having a unique name to stand out from the crowd, or they can use a normal name if they are a little shyer. 3. Check the initials of the names you chose, if it spells out anything especially funny words (to children) then you can guarantee children will pick up on it and use it as a nickname for your child. 4. Find out the nicknames of the chosen name, often a nickname is far less preferable to the original name, and people will frequently use a shortened name over the original name. Your simple guide to choosing a baby name was written by James Smythe. Once you have chosen you baby name don't forget you need to have all the accessories for your new born, Get and prams or push airs from Quality Prams