Simple sales and receivables software should not cost you an arm and a leg

Starting a business is a struggle, especially if you lack resources. For example - why isn't there enough small-business software that is free? In december 2005 DABE Solutions Ltd. released a first free software package for small- and medium-sized businesses. Current functionality includes: * form and print out quotes, invoices, shipment documents etc., * overview of receivables and unpaid invoices, * overview of customer sales and top customers, * overview of sales by salesmen, * overview of sales by articles, * VAT report, * functionality can be customized according to your needs with low cost and in short amount of time, * very flexible user environment, you can stretch different parts of data entry forms however you want them to be and the solutions remembers of how you want to view your software environment, * data protection with password, * backup and restore from backup functions, *reports and tables can be converted to web documents (HTML), Adobe Acrobat documents (PDF), word processing documents (RTF), spreadsheet documents (XLS) - all the documents can be instantly sent by e-mail with just a couple of mouseclicks, * multilanguage - option to add unlimited number of translations, * automatic online error reporting - we will know within minutes if there is a technical problem with the software. New, improved versions are going to be realeased at least once a month. And this is just first of the planned free software packages, much more will follow in 2006. The software itself is entirely fee. No tricks, no hidden charges, no limitations on entering data, no trials. We also do not interfere on any attempt to redistribute the software, but please do not sell it, it would not be polite. All we ask from our the users is to give feedback of the quality and usability of the software. All the feedback, including negative one, is very welcome! The software is available at > Products > DABE FreeSales 2005. Good luck with the business, Annar Merirand CEO DABE Solutions Ltd.