Imagine yourself buying an item in a shop at the third house to yours and selling the item to a person in the third house to the shop. In other words, imagine yourself carrying out what I call 'same-street' business. The above was never an imagination to me when I started carrying out my 'same-street' flexible business. I found it so flexible because: # I was doing it not with my own money. # I was doing it at my own chosen time. # Every task of the business started and ended on the same street. # Doing it only cost me up-dating myself with advances in my ICT areas of interest. # Some poeple kept themselves unceasingly busy and I kept myself in touch with them. The last reason may be remarkable to you. Yes! They continued being busy (though they were not actually busy) and I continued being 'busy' for them, thereby, reaping profits not only in cash but also in kind. Have you ever pondered on people's 'busyness' these days? If your answer is NO, then, think of the reasons behind the following: ] The services called 'WAIT AND GET', 'QUICK FIX' etc. and ] The publications tagged 'THE LAZY WAY', 'THE COMPLETE IDIOT', TEACH YOURSELF IN 5 MINUTES', 'WHEN THERE IS NO TIME' etc. More of course... Whether you call it PASTA or MACARONI, think also of the reasons behind the NOODLES that cook in 2 minutes. Consider also the computer programmmes' TEMPLATES for 'this' and BOILERPLATES for 'that' or the WIZARDS that cut your process time to a quarter of the usually required duration. All are in the bid to save time for the 'busy' me and 'busy' you. I think you will agree with me on what the above points suggest: that there are BUSINESSES in mondern LAZINESS called BUSYNESS (especially as caused by the digital revolution we are presently experiencing). Since we tend, more than ever before, to prefer saving more of our time than saving more of our money, I believe you must be in the know of BUSYNESS BUSINESSES now. If you have been looking around for new money-making ideas, try the ideas about being busy for 'busy' (no! lazy) people. Just go to the intricacies for them, help them avoid hustles and bustles, jump hurdles for them, overcome rigours on their behalf, improve their pleasure and reduce their pressure, provide them with gains by eliminating their pains and furnish them with things of freedom and leisure. Also, think, observe, write, move around, and even read for them and you will be surprised of the returns you will get provided you know the right ways to take. Let me drop this with you. The lazily busy people will always have what to pay you in cash and in kind - even for information and things they can get or do themselves absolutely free.