Giving Less Expensive Gifts But Giving More Happiness

Special occasions and gift giving always come hand in hand. Holidays like the Christmas season, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, Valentines Day, fathers' day, mothers' day, or on whatever special occasions, people give and receive gifts. Children love to receive gifts. Senior citizens treasure being remembered. Almost everybody loves surprises. And giving gifts can make someone smile with great joy and happiness. Perhaps you know of someone who wants something so much but that person just couldn't afford it. When he/she unexpectedly receives that treasured thing he/she wants so dearly, you certainly would create so much happiness for that person. Sometimes it is not just the gift that counts, but it is the happiness that you have given that person that makes a great gift. One particular example is of an old woman who wanted a grandfather clock so much in her life. Grandfather clocks are generally known to be very expensive. It used to be, only the very rich and wealthy people can afford one. The daughters of this woman found a website that sold quality but very affordable grandfather clocks. The daughters, though living far apart from their mom, decided to give their mom a grandfather clock one Christmas season. Their mother never expected to receive a very unexpected gift that upon receiving her grandfather clock, she simply kept calling her daughters several times in a day simply to thank them for such a wonderful gift. Yes, gifts don't have to be very expensive. If you, the giver, does not have enough budget for a particular gift idea, perhaps you may be able to find an alternative gift with great quality but affordable enough not to make you broke. Or perhaps, you would like to search somewhere else where a particular gift you have in mind, might be sold at a lower or bargain price. In any special occassion, it is a great fulfillment for the gift giver to put a smile to someone they love. That smile and happiness could be because that person dearly loves the gift you gave, or they trully love being specially remembered. Don't just think of very expensive gifts. Give a gift with a high priority of happiness for your loved one in mind.