The Money Tree

All my life I have heard people wish they had a money tree growing in the back yard when they were in a bad financial situation, but in reality most people do have a money tree! The money tree is their brains, and how they can use their knowledge and experiences to increase their wealth. In an analogy I compared the money tree to an actual live growing tree, it first starts with a seedling, or in other words an idea. As with any thing that grows it needs the right soil or environment to grow, so surround your money tree with positive influences that will give it a solid foundation. Trees need a lot of light and fresh air to grow, so give you money tree a source of fresh ideas and always keep an open mind when growing your tree. Think of your money as a real tree that is growing in your yard, think of all the environmental factors that can help your tree grow, or keep it from growing. I planted my own money tree on the Internet at and each day I nurture that tree with things it needs to continue growing. I start everyday with a little marketing here, and a little customer service there, and now my money tree is finally starting to really grow and bare fruit. The thing is that everyone has his or her own money tree in their mind, it just needs to be planted and a chance to grow. My final thought on the money tree is that it is just like a real tree, and just like real trees there are seasons when it does not grow or it hibernates, during these seasons that's when your money tree needs nurturing the most. So you should still continue to take care of the money tree, because it can always go on an amazing growth spurt the following season.