Spy Software vs Parental Controls

Over the past years, I've heard many things on the television about people cheating on their spouse over the internet, kids giving away private information to people they hardly even know. While there may be a few crude ways of dealing with this issue (such as taking away the pc, closing your internet access account). I suggest trying to find other ways to resolve the issue (such as spy software). When it comes to kids, of course you set your rules for the internet use and utilizing your parental controls to keep them from naughty sites they shouldn't view. Though how can you parentally block them from chatting with friends and *others online? In most cases no matter what rule you create, children are likely to try and test those rules. Rules such as: no chatting with strangers, or giving out personal information on the internet and many more things. Not to mention many kids have a habit of being friends with those which want them to do many things they'd normally not do(in other words those which are bad influence). You hear things like kids using the internet to meet people, and they get abducted, etc. Spouses using the internet, secretly cheating on their wives/husbands. You hear it often on the news. So as Parental Controls may be able to block sites, it wont yet do enough for you. Though, there is a way to have the advantage over what your kids (teens included), and spouse try to pull off behind your back (online at least) . Using spy software can give you the edge to view many, many things typed out on the pc, and with some spy softwares, you can even have pictures (snap shots) of exactly what they were doing that you have accused them of. This means you could find out quite a few things. Here is some things you might use it for. 1. To find out if your spouse is cheating on you via the internet. 2. Know what your kids of all ages are doing on the internet. (Making sure they follow your rules to stay away from bad sites) 3. Know what your kids chat about on the internet, as well as any secret plans of theirs. 4. Know if your spouse is visiting some sites you'd prefer he/she not. There are quite a few things it can help with. Though, those are a few examples. There are many more things you can do with spy software. Many I may never even think up. Who knows, maybe you'd like it, just to find out what interests your kids and spouse, so you can surprise them with a great present this holiday! I know there are quite a few spy software programs out there now of days. So I've broken it down to a small list of 2 softwares I prefer most. You can see all the details and reviews at: http://www.spysoftware1.com . There you will find spy software at the best price, along with the most useful tools that come with them. Don't forget to bookmark it if you'd like to view it later.