WHAT IS THE ONE THING MOST WANTED IN AN EXECUTIVE GIFT? It might surprise some to know that the number one thing the Executive wants in an executive gift is what you and I want -- and just about everyone else in the world. The one most prized attribute in an Executive gift is exclusivity! Of course it is. We all want to feel that the Executive gift was chosen just for us. We want something unusual -- something delightfully unexpected. Only when that objective is met do we need to worry about other things such as quality, color, or size. It doesn't really matter whether this is a corporate Executive gift from fellow employees, for a family member, or just a friend. The Executive gift that will make his/her eyes pop is the unexpected. Another tie, a pair of socks, or a new "lumberjack" shirt just won't do the job as a great Executive gift would. If it has fallen upon you to select an Executive gift this Christmas for that special someone, put the effort into a special Executive gift to make it memorable. When you've really done it well, you'll have a wonderful feeling of pride when he/she opens that special Executive gift and you hear that little murmur run around the room. They're all wondering how you ever thought of such an exciting Executive gift. Where you found such an a unique gift. And, it's all with just a touch of envy. A great Executive gift is not found among the mass merchandisers nor in the huge department stores. That's where everyone shops. And when it's popular where everyone shops, it's no longer an eye-popping, unexpected Executive gift now is it? An audio book with his name imprinted on the cover? How's that for an Executive gift? How about a working steam engine model for his desk top? A hand made sailing ship model for prominent display? All could be wonderful Executive gifts. Go ahead, think of a few on your own. We have some ideas as to where you can find an excellent Executive gift. Search the online gift shops. Many of them specialize in unusual, unexpected Executive gifts. A working mechanical model car or other collector models are always different and unique that is the key. Many of these are very limited production items that might be perfect for your Executive gift. So, take your time and put some thought into the Executive gift. It'll all be worthwhile when your gift is the hit of the season. Search for the unexpected -- the unusual -- the unique -- in a memorable Executive gift that will leave him or her flabbergasted and delighted. And you can bask in the glow of having given the gift of the season. Please feel free to share the contents of this article with your friends, family and colleagues. Reprint rights are granted as long as they contain a link to www.jbsgifthouse.com. Also, content may not be altered and the article shown as distributed by jbsgifthose.com. (C) 2004 by JBS GiftHouse