A survivors take on preparing for the avian flu; A perscription for pandemic readiness

Faced with a potential worldwide Avian flu pandemic, I surveyed many health promoting aids available from which I could effectively achieve a state of basic readiness, and in so doing, pulled from obvious "traditional" approaches and looked towards some of the most innovative products in supplement form for popular distribution. By revealing the following diet related options, I will show how even the so called "poor" can ready themselves and their loved ones by practicing simple but exceptional immune system care. Fresh, natural spring water (the veritable source of life) During my summer visits to the Appalachian region, I always drank and bathed with fresh spring water. On occasion, I would collect water from a free flowing source which originated from deep within the earth. It was through these experiences that I came to know the meaning behind the quote mentioned above. In North America, it's become rare for even rural populations to have access to unpolluted ground water for domestic use which would account for the almost total absence of knowledge of the health benefits associated to the most fundamental dietary component. By bathing in and drinking unprocessed freshly pumped spring water, one absorbs minerals from the earth as well as beneficial health promoting bacteria and it's for this reason that "spas" continue to enjoy popularity. "In addition to bathing, guests at these spas also consumed glasses of the spring water. It was believed that the water had medicinal value and could cure many illnesses. Spas attracted those afflicted with cholera, yellow fever, tuberculosis, pneumonia, dysentery, gout, rheumatism, and other diseases..." - 2. A homeowner's guide to the development, maintenance and protection of springs as a drinking water source.