The Gift That Keeps On Skiing

As the holidays approach, you're probably wondering what gifts to buy for your favorite skiers. Fortunately, the Internet has eliminated the need for long lines at department stores. Spend your time on the slopes, and purchase your gifts online! If you're not sure of what to buy, look into an REI Gift Card. You can either get them as E-cards, which are emailed to the recipient or as paper cards which will be mailed in three or four business days. REI also has a gift registry. If your skier wants something very specific, such as a jacket, a helmet, ski boots, or a pair of ski pants, encourage them to register. That way, you will be sure to pick the right size. REI also has gift boxes and cards are available. If you are looking for a specific, personalized gift, you'll need to carefully consider your skiers' tastes and preferences. What colors do they usually wear? What items do they need? What things do they already have, but can be frequently lost? Gloves, neck gators and ski locks fall into to the last category. Some skiers spend nearly as much money replacing these items as they do on lift tickets! Fill a Christmas stocking with small items such as ski socks, goggle wipes, hand warmers, and a neck gator. For an extra surprise, throw in a gift certificate for a lift ticket or a lesson with their favorite instructor. Or else, why not give a gift that will simplify their travel to the mountains? If your skier is someone whose work keeps them married to their computer, consider a computer backpack from REI. These bags put an end to complaints about carrying gear and computers simultaneously. Hide a set of thermal underwear inside the bag as a surprise! You can make their travel even easier by buying them a SporTube Ski Case that can be wheeled through airports or parking lots. Make walking through icy parking lots safer by throwing in a pair of Yaktrax Walkers. Backpacks and ski bags also make great gifts for kids, since you don't have to worry about them outgrowing them. Winter pajamas are also a great option, because you can buy them baggy enough to last a few years. For kids between the ages of 4-8, keep them excited about the snow by getting them a pair of Redfeather Snow Shoes. Paragon sports can keep the kids in shape for ski season with the Profile Body Ball. Since no adult skier should be without a stability ball, Paragon also has the Valeo Body Ball, complete with wall chart. If you liked this article, you may want to read more from Lisa. Get her expertise on buying ski jackets, boots, goggles, gloves and more plus her monthly newsletter with great tips and info for skiers.