Turning negative events into positive experiences

Turning negative events into positive experiences Every day of our lives we are bombarded with negativity, whether in our own personal space, or in the news media we receive. Whatever the negative event, there's always a positive side to be found, and often it's as simple as remembering to learn from it. Sometimes, it's having the good sense to be able to step back and see the benefits which may come from the negative event you just experienced. Here is my personal experience of an episode which could have got me down, but instead I found the positive side, and quickly moved on. One of my websites was hacked, and consequently taken offline by my hosting service. I was making a little extra cash from Adsense ads on that site, and my immediate reaction to it's untimely demise was anger and outrage. When my hosts weren't sympathetic to my pleas of innocence, I was starting to despair. Then I changed my way of viewing what was happening. Instead of seeing it as a terrible inconvenience I started to see an opportunity. I had considered finding a lower cost hosting service for months but had remained where I was for convenience. With all the great web hosting deals available, the host I was using were no longer competitive, now I finally had another reason to switch, and save some money, and as the site was offline due to the hacking, it wasn't going to be affected much more by the move. So there was one good thing to come from an otherwise very upsetting encounter, but while I was in a more positive mood, something else came to my attention. The site had been left largely unaltered for many months, while I worked on other projects. As I was going to be uploading it all again, this would be a perfect time to update and revamp the whole site and trim some of the out of date pages. I had a new template I had purchased for the site, so now was the ideal time to make the switch to it. The old site had also become a bit of a laboratory too, and had bits of scripts,and parts of unfinished sites and experiments left all over the place. Now all those would be gone without me spending time to hunt them down and delete them all individually. I could now upload only what I knew was being used. Here I am now, and because of a negative event, the hacking of my site, I have a faster lower cost, leaner website, and now will be more vigilant as to what is happening on my sites in the future. >From now on, why don't you try looking for the positive side of every situation. It will always be more productive than moping around dwelling on the negative aspects. It doesn't take much, just look for one good thing in all the bad you can see, and soon all the possibilities will shine out like a beacon.