How to achieve fast eBay feedback with very little money

When starting out on eBay your feedback score, or lack of it, can severely impact your ability to sell efficiently. For each transaction, the buyer and seller are allowed to rate each other by leaving feedback. Each feedback left consists of a rating (positive, negative, or neutral), and a short comment. These ratings that members leave for each other are used to determine individual member profiles. You can view an eBay member's profile by clicking on the User ID or the number in parentheses next to their User ID. For example, simply click on "3528" to view the profile for ebayrose (3528). To llist a Dutch auction you need a feedback score of at least 30 and to list a featured auction you need a feedback rating of 10. This can be a real pain in the neck when you are are really keen to sell. Fear not, there is a solution to achieve fast feedback! And it is not against the eBay rules to do so. Before you continue you will need a PayPal account. Once you have yourPayPal account, sign-up for an eBay account. eBat has an excellent search facility. What you want to do is click on the advanced search link and you will be greeted with a whole host of search functions. The functions we are most interested in are the keywords, price and PayPal option. Input keywords such as free, ebook, cheap into the keyword box. Scroll down to the price range boxes and enter 0.01 in the minimum box and 0.05 in the maximum box. Scroll down further and tick the PayPal box. This tells the search engine to only show results from sellers who accept PayPal. Using PayPal is the quickest way to boost your feedback because PayPal transactions are instant unlike cheques or bank transfers etc. An optional box to tick is the Buy Now option. This tells the search engine to only show sellers who are offering an instant sale, unlike a regular auction. It is best to experiment, play around with it for a while. Hit search and you will be greeted with a ton of auctions with the price range you inputed. You can sort the results to show the auctions ending soonest or auctions with lowest prices. Bid on as many of these auctions as you can. Remember to search again with the Buy Now box ticked for instant purchases. Each time you buy something for 1 cent, and pay, the seller will usually leave you positive feedback. You should do the same for them. Sometimes you have to remind them. :wink: A nice trick is to ask them to leave you feedback when you send the Paypal payment. There is usually a box to enter extra information to the seller when send money using PayPal (some sellers have it disabled). "Hello, please leave me positive feedback as soon as possible and I will return the favour!" usually works. With this simple method of searching for items worth 0.01 you can easily get 100 positive feedbacks in a day for a dollar! On a side note, don't leave a seller feedback until you have a) got the item you paid for and b) they have left you positive feedback. This article is copyright (c) 2005 and may not be reproduced without my express permission. You may use it if you include my links below. Xanfis - SecretWebInfo - Indigosi - SabreWul f