Learn How to Sell on eBay Book published by eBay Selling Expert

Certified eBay educational specialist Doug Luthringer has released a self-published eBay selling book titled "This is the Way to Sell on eBay: Personal Lessons to Successful eBay Selling" this week on his website http://www.Thefastmall.com. "I wrote this book with the intention of providing my readers with the knowledge of how to sell on eBay the right way," said Doug Luthringer. "This is not a book designed to make you an overnight eBay millionaire, but it will guide you through the most successful ways to sell on eBay. Once you read this book, you will be five years ahead of where most people currently are when it comes to eBay selling experience." The book covers best business practices on eBay such as how to do proper research, how to write a good title and description and the best way to pack and ship items. The book also discusses eBay business strategy and marketing hints as well as ways to develop trust within your eBay listings. The book's audience is for people who want to learn how to sell on eBay or improve their existing eBay business by learning from an honest eBay Seller. The eBay selling book is available by email in a PDF format for $4.99 or by mail for $7.99. Visit http://www.Thefastmall.com to read more about the book, it's author and also to purchase the book.