Useful things about Pop up campers

Pop up campers are a popular choice for families who want to enjoy camping on a strict budget. Used pop up campers can be purchased from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand, and are often available in newspapers and online auction sites. Whether your budget for purchasing a pop up camper is big or small, there are a few guidelines you should follow to get the most for your money. One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a pop up camper is the condition of the tent canvas. The canvas should be in good repair with no tears. The stitching should be strong and not dry rotted. Replacement tents can be ordered for most pop up camper models, but this is an expensive repair that will cost a minimum of a few hundred dollars. The interior of the pop up camper should be moisture free. Moisture is the number 1 enemy of pop up campers. Damage from mold and leaking can be costly, and sometimes irreversible. If the ceiling looks wavy or wet, you should investigate it thoroughly. Check the roof to see if it has been sealed. All roof seams and corners should have a visible line of caulk for keeping out moisture. Leaky pop up camper roofs can be repaired with caulking and sealers, but if the interior damage from past leaks is too extensive, you may want to look at other units. The floor of the pop up camper should be solid with no mushy spots. Soft spots in the floor are an indication of past water damage. Floor repair is an extensive and potentially expensive project, as the old floor will need to be torn out, and new decking and carpet or other floor covering installed. Considering the condition of the wiring of a used pop up camper is an important safety factor, therefore you should perform a quick visual inspection before purchasing a pop up camper. Although replaceable, the tires on a pop up camper should also be in reasonable condition before purchase.