How to get women?

I was single for quite a while so I decided to put an advert in a singles' column. A friend of mine also joined me so we had two adverts running. I told most of my friends who were fascinated to see how it went. Anyhow, I waited two weeks before my advert appeared. It was one of those voicebox style services where you dial a number to retrieve your messages. After 14 days, my friend had one measly reply! Nothing to write home about! However, my results were rather different. I had over 35 replies to my one advert!!! I was stunned. Not only was I amazed at the number of calls, but it highlighted just how easy it can be to meet women, especially if our advert is worded correctly.What was I going to do? I couldn't possibly see all 35 women - I just didn't have the time. If you did want to see all of them, and you met half that number for a second date, you would be going out every day for over 52 days! Well, I had 35 women to call and notes on each one. Most leave a description of themselves to give you an idea of what they are like. Furthermore, when you hear their voice you can get some clues to what type of person they are, what class, etc. Too Many Dates to See!!! Anyhow, I started rating these women according to my personal preference - I had to have some way of prioritising my dates! I was aged 30 at the time and my replies ranged from 18 to 34. My preference has been for younger women so they went to the top of the list. But when you have 9 girls of 25 or under, you have to prioritise again!!! So, for me it was location. Those who lived closest to me got first choice. OK, so I've got my names and telephone numbers of 35 dates, together with a brief description of what they are like. They are put in order so I know who I am going to ring first. But what am I going to say? How would I introduce myself to make the best possible impression? As it happens, my initial calls were fine. My dates were as happy to hear from me as I was to talk to them. After all, they replied to me! However, after phoning these 35 women (and more later on) I have learnt what to talk about, what works and what doesn't. You will benefit from this experience in later chapters. I Used to Spend Lonely Nights In Before my advert, I used to spend my evenings in, perhaps with a friend occasionally coming over for a coffee. I was so bored that I was hiring a video nearly every night. Also, I craved for female company and the affection that often came with it. But I wasn't meeting ANYONE! I rarely went out and even if I did I doubt I would have the courage to approach a girl and chat her up. Then, in the space of 14 days, I had one date every night of the week! My social life was completely transformed OVERNIGHT! We often read about get rich quick schemes promising overnight results, yet we know these are mostly scams. Most things offering instant fixes should be treated with caution. Want to meet women? try to put your own ad the at Good luck