SOLD! Review of The Rich Jerk Product Reviews Review of The Rich Jerk We're all looking for the same thing...a way to live our lives more fully. Wouldn't it be great if we could stay home working on our computer and make tons of money? Sure it would. If you believe all the junk email you get, you and I are about the only people left not making truck loads of money on the Internet. So we need to find to find a way to make money that doesn't use up all of our life. Sound about right? Should we invest in real estate, go with stock market investments or how about the get rich quick schemes on the Internet? Well the first two options require money and the third option is the quicksand we're all afraid of - 99% are scams. You've probably bought a few of these instructional e-books or special programs that tell you how to make a ton of money. I know I have. So along comes this book byThe Rich Jerk. Great! He starts off by telling you how much richer and smarter he is than you and then he shows you some "proof" of all the money he earns (throwing in a few insults to keep you hooked) and what do you know, he has a product that can change your life. What a surprise. Of course, I figure that the info will be the same old reworked stuff I have seen dozens of times or it will be some impossible task that requires you to stand on your head and pour water up your kazoo and spend a fortune. Then he hits you with the guarantee. You get 45 days to look it over. Now I'm kind of partial to guarantees. So once again I give it a go. It's not too pricey and he promises to keep to the point. You get tired of all the e-books that fill up their pages with: Links to other sites that ask for more money (Did I just pay for a sales letter?) No refunds or guarantees No identifiable company or person Rehashed information Unrelated subject matter Time after time I found the product or program disappointing. Promises that just weren't kept. The Rich Jerk HAS something of value to sell and if you only buy one e-book this year make sure his book is the one. The book gets to the point immediately. It contains page after page of REAL usable information. Some I had heard before, but it was quality material and worth repeating. There was plenty that I did not know included and that's what truly impressed me. If you have been piecing things together for years like I have, this time you have found a program with legs. The "Jerk" is rude, but don't let that keep you from an exceptional source of information. I advise you to join quickly as the price is temporarily lower than a short time ago and he may increase the price again. (I think he is trying a marketing strategy.) Best regards, S. Beiter Highly Recommended. Click on this link to check it out: The Rich Jerk (You might need a thick skin to get past the obvious insults.) Visit: About the Author This program has REAL value.