How To Find The Right Gift With Less Than A Week To Spare

Time is running out and you haven't found the right gift for that special someone yet. Giving cash is completely out of the question. What do you do? First of all calm down. You cannot think in a paniced state of mind. Second, sit down and pull out a pen and paper. This article will walk you through the process of how to find the right gift with less than a week. There are three keys to finding the perfect gift. 1. A few days to shop around 2. Plenty of gas 3. Good knowledge of what the recipient wants When choosing a gift remember that the rule of thumb is to give them what they want. Avoid choosing a gift merely because you or someone else wants them to have or use it. Have your recipients taste in mind. Think of items that are compatible with that person's lifestyle. Do your research. Take time to consult with their friends and get advice not only on an item but its quality, brand name and manufacturing. Your recipient like most of us is brand sensitive. Therefore although the product falls in the category of what is liked or needed remember to find out what brand the recipient prefers. Simply ask a friend or relative not only what they'd like but what brand they prefer. Although when shopping for a gift it's best to start early, perhaps weeks or months before presentation, you can find the right gift right under your nose. Pick up newspapers and magazines articles to familiarize yourself with who's selling what and when. Take note of out-of-season items on sale. Make good use of coupon books and vouchers. By in bulk if you plan on giving the same item to several recipients. Consider how easy it would be to gift-wrap the item. If that's just not possible tie a bow around it and put it in a flashy gift bag. If time constraints prevent you from being able to shop around consider ordering you item online and having it shipped overnight. Print out the receipt, white out the cost. Copy the receipt and tie it with a bow or place it in a greeting card. If your item is large and you're concerned about damage consider giving a store issued gift card instead. Store issued gift cards are not only time savers but they offer the recipient the option to shop for the item they really want. It is essential to know what stores your recipient likes to shop. For that reason store specific gift cards may not be the preferred gift for some. The simple solution is giving them a prepaid debit gift card. Mark Askew, founder of Prepaid-Gift-Card.Fima, says, "Debit gift cards are gaining wide appeal for those who want to please and save time and gas shopping for friends and family. Debit gift cards allow the recipient to shop for what they like where they like and when they like." The value range of Prepaid Debit Gift Cards is from $25 - $500, while other card issuers allow amounts up to $2999. The card comes with a special activation code and while some can be redeemed for cash at ATM's other cannot. If the full amount is not spent by the expiration date the remaining balance is mailed to the recipient or originator. Debit card issuers now offer ways to personalize the card with the individuals name embossed on the front face. Other companies such as Home Grown Greeting Cards at GreetingCards.Fimark.n et offer custom made greeting cards with the recipients name on the front and a personal message printed inside. The greeting card also has an extra page with a gift card insert pocket for gift card insertion. If time is of the essence and you have little opportunity to discretely find out what it is your recipient really likes or where they prefer to shop prepaid gifts cards are the best last minute solution most recipients enjoy receiving.