The Importance of Not Giving Up in Life or in the Job Search

THE IMPORTANCE OF NOT GIVING UP IN LIFE AND IN THE JOB SEARCH I met with my trusted counselor today. He helps me with my life journey. When we were about to end our hourly conversation, he said: "Don't give up". He was referring to my work as a career coach and to my activities as an Older adult. I think that phrase is a good slogan for all job seekers IT'S EASY TO GIVE UP AND STOP SEARCHING FOR A GOOD JOB. Giving up means to quit looking for a good place to work, friendly co-workers, Decent pay, advancement and a place where you, job seeker, find your place in The universe. Quitting can also mean taking whatever job you come across. Let's look at some of the "benefits" of quitting and giving up. First, people Will pity you. Second, you can blame everyone and everything for your lack of Purpose and your failure to live up to minimum dreams of a good work life. Thirdly, you can develop a chronic case of "excusitis". You don't have to Excel at your life or in work when you have this dis-ease. In fourth place, is your lack of self-esteem and some times, real self hate. Hating yourself works to poison your interaction with others and with the World. No wonder there is no good job for you! Fifth place is ignorance of how the world of work, works. No, it is often not Fair. Neither is winning at tennis always fair, because some times you lose! Getting to know others and cooperating with them can help you model your Behavior so that you can be a more productive person: a good worker. And you Will learn how the world, works. Not always pretty to look at, but it is All we have to go on. Lastly, giving up doesn't go away, even though it may help for a time to become A recluse or to hide from yourself in a cave! If giving up really doesn't disappear within the personality, then using a don't give up attitude, perseverance and a willingness to try anyway can lead to a Better future than what was supposed. There is no guarantee that "happiness Ever after" will occur, but this kind of attitude can surely make you more Popular with others. And, that, too is not a bad thing to work for! It does for me!