Stuck on Stupid - Defined

Stuck on Stupid - Defined By: Rich Brunelle Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to work out right? A day that nothing you did was what you meant to do? Or, maybe a day where you couldn't figure out how to do simple tasks? If you have, then you have probably experienced "Stuck on Stupid." Yesterday was one of those days for me. I couldn't do the right thing if you wrote the instructions on the back of my hand. For some reason things just wouldn't come together. I agree, it's really not that newsworthy a topic but if you've never experienced "Stuck on Stupid" you need be aware, it could happen to you. At the very least, you need be aware that there may be people around you that suffer from this affliction. Let me tell you about my day. My day started as a mad rush, as it usually does. Delays caused me to have to call my first appointment and reschedule it for the afternoon. Then, I had to go to one of our job sites. I had started a ceiling fan install the day before. All I had left to do was connect the last two wires and hang the darn thing. But, after doing so, it didn't work. I wasted close to an hour tying to fix the problem, without ever figuring out what the problem was. I had other work to do, that will have to wait. A short time later I go to pick up one of our part-time helpers so he can help me fix a fence. We get ready to leave his place when my mind suddenly asks me a question, "Did you leave your tools at the last job site?" A hand full of very descriptive four to six letter words was said under my breath as I checked the back of my car, confirming the lack of tools. Okay, resort to plan "B". I had to run by the Bank and cash a check anyway. So, we'll go do that. Then we'll return to the first job site, pick up my tools and go to the fence job. I rush to the Bank, park and walk in to the teller windows. I have my Bank Card, Deposit Slip, and I'm next in line. Where's the check? Another hand full of those words again as I smile at the Teller and leave the line. Back at the car, I decide that I will go get my tools first. Then go find the check. And then, go to the fence job. So off I go . . . Found the tools okay. Off we go from there. . . Next we pull into the Bank parking lot and I get out of the car to go inside. WHERE'S THE CHECK? I forgot to go pick it up. Yep, some more of those words as I spin back to the car to beat my head against the steering wheel. It is now 2:00PM, and I have not accomplished a single thing. I have a 2:30PM appointment, so it is too late to do the fence job now. So after six hours of my day, I still haven't accomplished anything. And, I have even paid for another person to do it with me. By this time, I am getting real frustrated and having a rough time keeping my attitude in check. I call my Customer and explain my being "Stuck on Stupid" to her and reschedule for mid week next week. No, I didn't lie to her. I told her the truth; I was "Stuck on Stupid." Come 2:15 PM I'm trying to find the address of my 2:30 PM appointment. Why can't I find the address? Because, I can't find the map. Why can't I find the map? Because, I didn't print out a map. But, I always print out a map . . . except today. Why? Refer to "Stuck on Stupid." Anyway, my appointment done and over with. I know I didn't make the sale. My concentration was terrible. My delivery and explanation was also poor. Why? I'm telling you, if ever a phrase defined; my day is "Stuck on Stupid."