Vehicular Accidents: If This Doesn't Happen To You Now Then Expects For It Later

You can hear people say that owning a vehicle is like signing your own death sentence. In some way this saying may contain some truth to it. You may be very careful when driving but then there would always be those careless few. So the best thing is for you to prepare for the inevitable. There are safety driving tips as well as things to do during an accident that every driver ought to know. Let us first discuss the safety tips: 1. Check everything from your car tires, to your car's brakes to every single screw and bolts you can find in order to ensure the running condition of your car. 2. Check all the lights if they are working and then check also the oil (brake fluid, engine oil, etc). 3. Check if your radiator has water 5. Bring along your first aid kit, camera, emergency lights, repair tool box and early warning devices. 6. See if you have photocopied all pertinent papers of your vehicle like insurance policies, your vehicle's registration receipt and your driver's license. 7. Check your mirrors. 8. Don't forget to buckle up before driving away. Seatbelts may be uncomfortable but they are proven to save lives. But if in spite of your safety precautionary measures still you meet an accident then don't be too hard on yourself. Don't panic and stay calm. Follow these simple rules during accidents: 1. Never leave the scene of the accident, no matter how slight the collision is. If you have a camera the better because you can photograph right away the position of your car with reference to the car you collided with. Especially if you are not the one at fault, the picture will help prove your innocence. Aside from that, leaving the accident scene will imply guilt so the more that you should stay. 2. If you are not badly injured try to help those persons that have been hurt in the accident. This is the reason why you need to have a first aid kit in your car. After applying first aid treatments, call a doctor or an ambulance or call 911. Then try helping until professional help arrives. But then as a reminder: although it is required of you to help but if you have no experience in giving first aid then it would be best not to try giving one especially for those that have fractured or broken bones because instead of helping you might just aggravate the whole injury. So the wisest thing to do is to call for help. 3. Don't forget to call the police. Law officers are better equipped to handle vehicular accident situations. And besides your insurance will later demand for the accident report that can only be supplied by police officers. 4. Don't forget to know your collision party. Most state law requires for the driver of any vehicle involved in an accident to give his name, address, driver's license and license number of the vehicle he is driving to the other party. However, if you collide with an unattended vehicle it is mandated by law that you look for the owner of the vehicle and give him your name and address in anticipation of future claims for damages. But don't give no more information than the law requires. This is also for your protection. 5. Try to write down certain information regarding the accident like the names and addresses of all the witnesses around. These witnesses may be important for future legal actions. Take note of all important aspects of the collision and then if possible diagram the exact position of the vehicles before and after the accident. If you can photograph the scene of the accident then so much the better. Likewise, make notes of skid marks as well as the distance of the damaged vehicles. 6. Even if you were not hurt, it is still important that you see a doctor. This is because certain accidents tend to have post traumatic symptoms which need to be treated in its earliest signs possible. 7. Don't forget to notify your insurance company and then cooperate with them in their investigation. This will not only hasten their investigation but will ensure that you get paid for your claims. 8. There may be an arrest that would commence involving either you or the other party. The one with the greatest guilt will likely to be arrested. If ever you are arrested it is important that you obtain legal advice the soonest possible time. 9. Know your rights including your rights to counsel. 10. Know the amount of damages that you are entitled to. If ever you loose your job due to sustained injuries or even suffered the loss of properties then it is not only the obligation of your insurance to pay you but it is also the responsibility of the party with whom you have accident with. For suggestions and comments about the article kindly visit California Car Accident Lawyer