Common Sense!

After all these years I still can't believe I still see people falling for those get rank 10 in google or get your website on top of google queries and all that. What amazes me even more is how they claim this will increase your adsense earnings when it doesn't work in the first place. Fine I'll admit some people have actually figured out how to trick google but only after hard work, wich if used to acquire the same rank in legit ways could yield the same results. The fact is people use common sense if there were such easy ways to get to the top wouldn't we all be using them? Any proffessional webmaster or anyone will tell that shortcuts are not always what they appear to be. Especially when that shortcut benefits someone else. But don't take my word for it here are a few ways to find out if a site or program is just tryignt to get to your wallet: 1.Check the rank or if the seller is actually using their own products. IF they are see if they are working. 2.Do a little research before you folk over that hard earned cash. Find out if anyone speaks ill of the said seller. And see if they back their accussations. FOrmer customers know what's going on from experience, and are sometimes nice enough to let others know. 3.Make sure this does not go against google rules or other laws. As it may get you in trouble or your website. 4.Make sure if the said offer doesn't work you get a refund. Makes sense doesn't it? If it does indeed work then they have no problems in making sure the customer feels safe in their purchase. 5.Check out the seller. What their history other products they may have. Try all of these before you fall for all of those people who just want your money. Like the famous "link traders" where they think increasing your link popularity will also increase your rank. Matter of fact this is true however google only counts those sites that have something to do with your site. And if they are irrelevant it knows you tried to trick and you lose some points off of your rank. So if you sell dolls don't link a medical site. There are many others programs like this and many require payment of some sort though I can't go through all of them you can use my five rules to make sure the program is legit. Though if it sounds too good to be true then it is.