The UK Ebay FAQ for Buyers

Here are some for the frequently asked questions I get: Does eBay have a Customer Service Department that I Can Phone? eBay are notoriously hard to contact, - it seems like they want the site to run on it's own. You can email them, but don't expect a response, that you will understand easily: go to You might have better luck getting an answer from another member, try the answer centre forum: eBay Power Sellers get a dedicated phone line to customer service. If you really want to look up the phone number try typing in 'ebay [your country] phone number' into a search engine and you'll find some listed. although the chances are you'll have gone to all that trouble for the chance of leaving an answerphone message, or being told to email them. It might seem cruel, but imagine the number of people who would call eBay each day with questions that are easily answered on the site, if their phone number was freely available. I just received an Email from eBay, Saying They're Going to Close My Account. What Do I Do? If this email asks for your password, Then the chances are it's going to be a scam, an attempt to make you give up your access details and steal your account. eBay will never ask for your password or any other account details. eBay say that you should only ever enter your password on pages that start with They even offer a special 'Account Guard' as part of their toolbar, which lets you check that you're not giving your password to a fake site. You can read more here: HP_overview How Does eBay Make Money? For the buyer, eBay is free. Sellers, pay all sorts of fees, As with a newspaper ad, you need to pay this basic listing fee, even if your item is not sold. (If your item sells, a Final Value Fee is charged. They can they pay optional fees for extra services; Buy it Now, extra pictures, reserve prices, highlighting the auction, bold. If Your Interested then checkout the full list of fees at It is worth listing on eBay to the sellers or they wouldn't carry on using eBay. How Safe is eBay? All of eBay's safety services for buyers and sellers are handled by 'SafeHarbor'. SafeHarbor deals with fraud prevention and investigation and helps with dispute resolution, also keeping rule-breakers in check via the Vero program. Checkout this page: