Christian Roommates - Being A Light

If you are in a living situation with non-Christian roommates, you have an incredible opportunity to witness to your friends. The guiding light for your ministry should be the quote attributed to St Francis: "Preach always, use words when necessary." Let's examine this quote and see how it applies to sharing an apartment with non-believers. First St Francis tells us to "Preach always." You are the light in your roommates' life. The key to this is consistency. Have a plan about what it means to preach to you roommates and follow it as frequently as possible. Do you avoid drinking? Do you skip parties? Are there certain movies and TV shows you want to avoid? There are loads of different ways to show your light and they don't always involve being the "stick in the mud." For instance, you could attend parties but always serve as the designated driver. Secondly, St Francis notes that we should only "use words when necessary." The number one way to preach without using words is to simply listen. All of your roommates are going through difficulties. Do you know about them? Sit down with your roommate and just ask what is going on. Listen to their struggles and concerns. Don't bombard them with advice. Just listen. When the time is right to speak, the Holy Spirit will be there with words for you. These sessions are often just a great time to build your relationship with your roommate and give them a chance to get junk off their chest. And they're a fantastic avenue to eventually sharing the gospel with words. Eventually, you will have built enough of a foundation that you may want to overtly mention Jesus or talk about the gospel. The best way to know when the time is right is to simply wait for your roommates to bring it up. If you've been consistently preaching through your actions, your roommates will eventually toss out a question about your faith. Be ready for this. Make sure you have good answers to the common questions. Living with non-Christian roommates is tough. It's difficult to always put your best foot forward. But remember, let God work. Don't try to do it all on your own. You'll find that He does most of the work for you. You just have to be there.