DO YOU FEEL LIKE MAKING A CHANGE? During the past year I felt strongly within my spirit a season of change coming into the earth. I would say to friends and family, "Gee, I really would like to go to France one more time before circumstances will no longer be conducive to a trip like that." There were other places... places far away and exotic that I felt I needed to visit before it was too late. Almost as if someone were reading my mind, U.S .and French sentiments began to change. I began to understand that I might never see a small French village again, never go to the French Riviera, . I knew change was coming, but I did not realize that something as unpredictable as a "bird flu" would be able to cripple travel to certain countries, so soon. Now, after December 31st of 2006, a passport will be needed to go to Mexico, Canada and to take cruises in the Caribbean. Disaster hits one area after another. If you planned a trip to the Delta coastal region, it was overtaken by floods, if you planned a trip to New Jersey, New York or New Hampshire, dark waters flowed across the Eastern seaboard. If you planned a trip to California, fires were burning ominously, or there were infamous car chases and shoot-outs. There is talk of building "a great wall" similar to that of China centuries ago-in the name of safety and for identifying Islamic Terrorists. Racial profiling is becoming more inefficient as Northern African "martyrs" and Asian "martyrs" come to the forefront in this battle. What happens when the white faithful become "martyrs?" America cries, "keep us safe!" What will the cost be? Will we be asked to queue up and receive "the mark?" Even as the current viruses mutate making vaccines incapable of keeping up, will we one day be asked to report to a location to receive a chip? The technology is available for this right now. When will we be informed by the media that current systems of identification are no longer effective. Will we look like a gigantic line for free flu shots? My friend, you do not want to take this mark. Now is the time to begin to pray that the Lord makes a way out of no way for you and your family to be safe. If purpose burns in your heart to make a difference, stop procrastinating. What more time do we have? If we depend on the media to tell tell us what season we are in, what happens when all of their prognostications fail? Walk with the great I Am at all times. .