Types of help for a stammer

There are many types of stammer therapy including stammer cure courses or traditional speech therapy. I have overcome a stammer and in this article I describe what it is like to be fluent for me. I am now able to order food and drink for example, without fear of a stammer, speak on the telephone and am able to enjoy socialising. I have become a more positive person, life is no longer the struggle it once used to be. I appreciate my speech compared with the average fluent person, who does not realise how lucky they are. Some would even say that I talk too much, but this is something I will never apologise for - when I had a stammer I hardly spoke at all. Six years ago I met my present girlfriend, Sharron, who has an eleven-year-old daughter, called Taryn. Together we have a son who is four years old, called Ethan. What attracted me to Sharron was her positive outlook on life and I am sure we will have a happy and successful future together. We recently bought our first property in Birmingham, which saw me return to my native city from Brixham. There were many reasons for the move, one of which was to make the courses more centralised. As a person with a stammer, I seemed to accept second best. I left school because of the stammer, dated girls which to be truthful, not only did I not feel attracted to, but did not particularly find interesting. My stammering mind convinced me that I could do no better. I was unhappy where I worked, but just accepted it; I did not feel able to put myself through the interview process again. I now only accept the best and my life has improved tremendously. In general, what fluency has given me is: 1. Confidence 2. Happiness 3. Contentment 4. Optimism 5. Success 6. Relaxation