The handicap of having a stammer

There are many types of disablity. I am somebody who believes that to have a stammer is a form of disabilty. I think most people would probably say no, however I disagree. People who stammer have to struggle their way through life at times. I am somebody who had a stammer for eighteen years. I am going to now explain one of the situations that I found difficult and how my mind or what I would call my demons would be saying to me. This is when trying to meet and approach people of the opposite sex. Lets say I am in a bar and I see a woman/girl who catches my eye. I think to myself, who don't you go and talk to her and make a move etc? My demons are always talking to me, and are basically saying "She won't want to know you. You have a stammer and when you start talking she will hear it. Do you really think she will want to date somebody who has a stammer? Even if she is interested, you then have to possibly meet her friends and family. How will they find you and treat you, when they realise you have a stammer?" These demons would make me think twice and more often than not I would not even bother going over and talking to the person. I would therefore let the demons win. This is one example of thousands where the stammer handicaps your ability to live a normal life. This is why I believe stammering is a disability. Having a stammer affects your confidence in and gaining employment. People who stammer can find it hard attending an interview, having to speak under pressure to people they do not know. Social occasions such as weddings or a party can fill people who stutter with dread. Not only finding conversation difficult but also ordering food and drinks.