Christian Roommates - Hosting an Event

One of the great joys of living with an apartment full of Christians is the ability to host great events that glorify God. With your roommates, you can provide other Christians with wonderful fellowship opportunities as well as ministry events. Let's look at a few ways to organize and implement some of these ideas. First, consider your various gifts. If one of your roommates is armed with Bible knowledge and excited about studying, perhaps you have the beginnings of a weekly Bibles study. If you have a fun, social roommate you could start a monthly fellowship event at your apartment. Can someone cook? Do you have a musician? Take inventory of your roommates' skills. From there it will be easy to see the type of event best suited for your apartment. The next key is determining the level of involvement everyone wants to take on. A weekly event may seem like the most obvious idea, but a week passes by pretty quickly. You'll be hosting your event about 50 times a year. This can become a burden very quickly. Bi-weekly is difficult because people will forget which week to come and you may experience a drop in attendance or unexpected visitors on the wrong weeks. Monthly is also a possibility and becomes much easier to plan for since you can spread out the preparations. Finally, how will you advertise your event. The easiest way is to go through your various churches. Tell your pastor about your idea (this will be a good way to get some feedback and suggestions, too). He'll know the best way to get the word out in your church. If you are students, on-campus ministries are a great way to connect with people who might be interested in your event. Once you have some regular attendance, you can use your guests to spread the word as well. Hosting a regular Christian event at your home is an awesome way to use what God has given you. You will be taking advantage of not only your gifts, but your roommates' as well. It will bring you closer with the people you live with, too. Remember, though, that you are under no obligation to keep your event going until the end of time. Take breaks, hand off some responsibility, and be sure not to burn yourself out.