Women's Denim Fit Guide - A Denim Guide for Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Your Body Type

With all the new designer denim on the market it has become a lot harder to find the perfect pair of denim pants for your body type. We all want the jeans that complement our body and give us the best shape possible. It can become overwhelming and cost a lot of time and money shopping around to find those adorable pairs of jeans that fit just right. This denim guide will solve your problems. From slim to curvy, short to tall, or full through the thighs, our denim guide will help you make better decisions on what works and what doesn't. Why get designer denim over a cheaper one? You may look at the price tag on one of these sexy essentials and turn away, but what you are looking at is the price it takes to get the perfect fit, the best quality, and all the raw details. Jeans are also very low maintenance. They are machine washable and easy to fold and store away in your drawer. They don't need to be taken to the dry cleaner or hung up in your closet, and if treated with care they will almost last forever. The Perfect Denim Fit for Short Figures If you have a short figure, look for jeans with a shorter inseam and a higher knee break to lengthen the leg. The inseam is the length of a pant leg from the crotch to the bottom of the leg opening. The knee break is the area on the pant leg where the knee should end and the calf should begin. This way you will not have to cuff your jeans at the bottom or alter the shape of the pant leg. An inseam of 30 to 32 inches will give you a better fit through the knees to the leg opening. The AG Angel jeans are great for the petite frame. They are slim through the leg and come in a 32 1/2" inseam. Wearing them with a pair of heels will elongate the legs, so you appear taller than you really are. The Perfect Denim Fit for Slim or Straight Figures If you have a slimmer or straighter figure, look for jeans that with a slim fit and also have a slight stretch. They will hug your body so there is no excessive material on the back side. This will give you the illusion of a curvier figure. Jeans with a flare leg opening are also a good option because they balance you out top to bottom. The Blue Cult Buttlifter Jean gives you the illusion of a lifted derriere because the back pockets sit higher on the jean so your behind looks perkier. If you like the flare look the Sunset Flare by Guess Jeans is a perfect choice. For a more subtle flare check out the Citizen's of Humanity Ingrid Shadow Flare. The Perfect Denim Fit for Tall Figures Tall girls usually have a long torso. Look for jeans with a higher rise (8 inches or so). The rise is the length of the pant from the top of the waist to the crotch. If you have long legs, look for jeans with a longer inseam. The inseam is the length of a pant leg from the crotch to the bottom of the leg opening. Some denim styles even come in 36 inch inseam. This allows you to be able to wear heels without the 'flooded pant' look. The Yanuk 6 pocket jean has an 8 inch rise. It is especially good if you have a long torso or want to cover up more skin. Mary J by Miss Sixty is another style that comes with an 8 inch rise and tends to run long - perfect for those high stilettos. The Perfect Denim Fit for Curvy Figures A lot of jeans are made for a straight figure and curvy girls get left out, but we've dug around and found what works with your curves - not against them. A slight stretch allows the denim to hug your curves and give you a nicer shape than a pair of rigid jeans. Look for jeans that are contoured on top so they don't gape at your waist and give you more room through the hips and butt. Jeans such as Miss Sixty's Extra-Low Ty run one size smaller, but when sized up they are the perfect jeans to make your backside your best asset. Joe's Jeans in Honey are curves' best friend. They are contoured to provide room for your hips and butt and stay fitted at the waist. The Perfect Denim Fit for Women Full Through the Thighs When is comes to fashionable designer jeans we see a lot of slim fits, so we searched around for something sexy for your body type. Straight fit, relaxed fit, or a wide leg work best for girls with thick thighs. It doesn't restrict you and provides you with room in the hips and thighs. Make sure they are still fitted in the rear, but wider through the legs. Pass on anything that is tapered at the bottom. It will put emphasis on your thighs. The Easy Rider Stretch Jean is relaxed through the thighs with a 23 inch leg opening so it won't accentuate your thighs. The slight stretch allows for it to hug the hips and rear but leaves plenty of room through the legs for a more comfortable yet stylish fit. You can also view this article on our site, just click here to visit our Women's Denim Guide.