How Can You Apply for a Furnished Apartment?

Generally, when you are willing to rent a furnished apartment, you will be asked to fill in an application form by the landlord or the property management and you are ought to be asked to pay an amount of money for them to look over your application form($20 or $30 which should cover the costs for running your credit card). The application form for the furnished apartments is a typical one asking you to relate your name, current address, Social Security Number, workplace and monthly wage. These may vary from one apartment to another, yet these are the aspects of interest in what you are concerned, because this way they can decide if you are able to pay the rent. In the case of Americans, you should know that they spend 20 up to 30 percent of their monthly wages for the rent. Of course, no landlord would accept you spend more than 30 percent on it as there are other costs you must pay for the furnished apartment and a higher percentage would be unacceptable. If you do not have a stable wage or income another person must guarantee for you and consign the lease so that he or she could cover the payment if you are not doing it. The contract for renting is a type of list for rights and duties involving both parts:you and the administrator. You must be very careful and read it before you sign it. If they agree on your application form than you have the right to enter in possession of the furnished apartment for the agreed period of time. This lease or contract for renting fixes the obligations for both parts and the duration of the contract which is in between 6 months and a year. You and the landlord must agree to respect all the terms of the contract or the contract may be released. You should know that the landlord may ask for a damage account which renders the value of a month's rent and if you decide to bring a pet with you the value of the deposit may be higher. After the contract is finished the administrator is sure to check the actual state of the apartment and may take a sum of money from the damage deposit if he considers that the apartment was not looked after appropriately. Of course, the situation of 'normal tear and wear' is encountered every time but the damages may be worse this being the cause for the necessity of a damage deposit. All in all, no problems should appear if you stick to the terms of the contract and do not bring damages to the furnished apartment. You cannot leave the apartment before the deadline of the contract, as this is a main term of the contract. Be very careful to comply with the terms of that lease so that you could not be found responsible for any mistake.