Using the Internet to rekindle summer camp and youth group romances

There are two places most people keep a picture of their perfect match: in the back of their minds - readily accessible for comparative purposes during first dates - and tucked away in their old sleepaway camp scrapbooks. There was sure to be one winner among the whirlwind summer romances that made camp worth the price (although your parents were probably thinking more along the lines of cultural pride when they wrote the check): an end-of-the-season dance partner with enviable good looks, a wry sense of humor and well-developed athleticism who was a quick stitch with lanyard string. While lanyards probably don't matter much to you anymore - unless you were one of the crafty types who mastered the triple diamond pattern imported by the European counselors - all the qualities which made your match attractive at age 12 are probably quite similar to the traits you find yourself seeking today. And you know at least one person who possesses them. Chances are, the object of your summer camp or youth group romance is also still looking for the right Jewish person with whom to share his or her humor, intelligence and energy. And the Internet is the best place for the two of you to reconnect. Use what you remember about your first true love to narrow your search of potential matches. Hometowns, alma maters and unique interests are good places to start. Even better, search for the name of your summer camp (and make sure you add it to your profile): if your target doesn't turn up, a mutual acquaintance - a.k.a. another dating prospect - might. There's fun in taking risks: just like back at summer camp.