We Were Meant To Fly!

I believe we were put here on this planet to soar with success, to fly to new personal heights of growth to succeed and enjoy the journey we call life. I know that we all realize that all of us have problems; the problem is that we all tend to look in the wrong place to solve those problems. It seems that problems get solved as a result of an personal experience more than some passive exercise. Why do you think that self help books are so popular, and if they work, why so many of them? Do they really work? So what's the problem here? Maybe it starts with the fact that most of us do not even finish reading the very books that are supposed to help us. Why? The common thread in most all self help books seems to be that self esteem and a better self image is the key to happiness and success, however we define success. In other words if we like ourselves and our life then we do better in life. Thinking back in your life, what has caused you to like yourself? Maybe it's when you completed a task or did something special, or both? So the challenge then is finding that special item to focus on that will not only make the difference in our lives, but finding the item that we are passionate about doing while we get better at being the improved "us" we want to be. And that special item will never be from just words in a book in will always be in doing something, having an experience that changes our lives and we must really love what is we do or we likely will not succeed at building a better us. This is the problem with all kinds of self help things, they simple are not fun and the "payoff" is not with in our current ability to envision the out come that we want to see. Maybe its time to stop reading all those books and start thinking about doing something that we will be motivated about instantly and where we can see progress daily. So now our job is to come up with something that lifts our spirit, motivates us, captivates us so much that we want to work to succeed and that the same time make enough of an impact that it helps us be a success. Wow, what sounds like a tall order may only require that in order to be someone we have never have been before we need to do something we have never done before. That would have to be something spectacular, something that reaches insides us, and cause greatness to emerge and still be so much fun that we are motivated to finish. What I have just described is learning how fly an airplane! Yes, most people have never tried this. Most people think this is something only "rich" or "smart" people can do. I am here to set the record straight and let you know that learning to fly will change your life. It is way more than getting from here to there fast. The best way to explain this and share how you can really do this is to share with you the short version of a seminar that I do that you may enjoy online and free at http://pilotjourney.com/fly. You do not have to give your name and address, there is no charge and believe it or not, I have nothing to sell. Flying changed my life, not because I was flying an airplane by myself, which of course was really cool, but because it was something I never thought of doing and was not sure I could really do. I certainly am not rich, and was only an average student. Mainly because I only succeed at things that I really like doing, sound like you? Flying was the ticket that allowed me to realize that I really could so great things, really could complete a hard task and really could achieve success. And the success that I am talking about was not just earning a pilot certificate - it was everything else in life. The success that you experience in flight will allow you to soar in other areas of your life, that is why flight training is life changing, find out why.