4 Premiership Bets on Saturday

Premiership by ecobika Birmingham-Liverpool Liverpool has not shown anything in this season in the Premiership, three draws, one victory. Birmingham played 6 matches and only won the cityderby away against West Bromwich. Two weak teams. Liverpool in the same shoe, as in the last season, the Premiership is victim of Champions League. Ecobika's bet: home win West Bromwich-Charlton Surprisingly good Charlton, surprisingly bad West Brom. Time to win (Brom) and time to start to go back to the right place (Charlton). Ecobika'bet: home. West Ham-Arsenal Londonderby. West Ham is suprisingly good so far, and conceded only 4 goals. Arsenal won on Monday at home easily. Ecobika's bet: AWAY. Newcastle-Manchester City Owen is a big difference. Newcastle's start was awful, MCity started like a rocket, but the roles changed, time is changing. MCity slowly slides back to the right place and Newcastle begins to lift up. Ecobika's bet: home.