Find the Man of your Dreams

Why is it that you have not found the man of your dreams? If dating and finding your gay mate seem to be an impossible dream don't worry, help is at hand. Only a few action points are needed to get you on the track to finding that hot hunk who will be your partner. Figure out who you are and what you really want Make a list of your top ten qualities. Jack Desling, a gay dating coach, says that several people feel challenged when asked to list ten things. It is easier to think of what you can offer physically ( great smile, great body), emotionally ( great listening skills, stability, a shoulder to lean on), intellectually ( stimulating conversation, good understanding of music, excellent wit, sharp mind), financially( stable financial life, ability to balance accounts), and socially ( great dancing skills, ability to negotiate with people). Once you have a listed all your great qualities, also list what you would look for in a guy. It is important to not come up with a ambiguous list stating 'Sexy, great body, humorous guy'. Try to think of more specific things like 'someone who smiles a lot, is warm, is interested in sports ( or any other interest you may have)'. Also list things that are a definite no, like someone who smokes (if you are allergic to cigarette smoke). Take Action It is important to convert your thoughts into action. You want to find the guy of your dreams, but he won't turn up at your door step and say, " Hi Hunk!" If you really want to hook up take things in your own hands. * Join a personals service. They are a good way of taking in the local scene and finding interesting people. * Join up at least one Gay club/ organization : Participation in common activities can lead to friendship and much more. * Post your profile online : Online dating can open several doors * Hang out at local haunts populated by other gay singles Attitude Counts You will encounter both fear and failure. You will feel intimidated when going for a date. If the fear overwhelms you, keep smiling. Retain a positive attitude and remind yourself that finding a mate is no easy job. There will be times when you will hit a low ebb. You will also end up going on dates or meeting up with people you don't like or click with. But persist with your quest and keep your chin up when you meet with small obstacles. Increase you chances of a second date There are simple things that you can do to increase the chances of converting the first date into a second one : * Start the conversation. Taking the initiative will work in your favor. * Don't have high expectations : Thinking that the very first date will unveil the perfect person who will turn you on physically and emotionally, is unrealistic. Keep your expectations in check and you won't be disappointed. * Look you best. Don't dress too casually. * Keep it light. It is important to keep conversation light and interesting. Do not talk about past relationships, politics, religion or sex. Keep free of controversy. * Keep it short. Anything more than a couple of hours will reveal too much in too little time or indicate desperation. * Smile, it really does improve your face value * No sex please. It may be great but won't get you a second date. Jump into the action, use your charms, persist in your quest and you will find the guy of your dreams. Happy hunting!