A Prescription For Love

A Prescription for Love. For anyone who is struggling with their herpes, and even for those who are not struggling, here's my prescription for Love. Love is the universal agent of healing. Everything good and positive and sustainable in this world comes from love. The best prescription for herpes is a daily mega-dose of love. Do you love yourself? Has having herpes made you love yourself less? If others try to trash you for having herpes- love yourself so hard and so well that the hate and ignorance from the outside world cannot penetrate the golden light of love around you. Are you loving others? or has herpes made you shut down and go into hiding? People out there need your love. To withhold your love and sex from others because of being ashamed of having herpes not only robs you of the experience of being loved but robs others of the chance of being loved by you. Love always opens up , real love doesn't close down. Open your heart and mind and get back into the world and love. Do you love your life? Life is such a precious short gift. It's a crying shame to waste any of it feeling anything but happy and grateful for life. No matter who you are or how you live there's always something to love about your life, everyday. Do you love your body? Are you giving it the things it needs to manage herpes? Are you eating and drinking for health first or to satisfy cravings and addictions (i.e. coffee and chocolate). Do you project Loving energy? Are you a shining beacon of love and beauty in this cold dark world. Love will keep you safe in the storm and feed you when you are hungry. Have you learned how to make peace with the virus? Without peace can love really set down it's roots? Christopher Scipio Homeopath/Herbalist Holistic Herpes Treatment Specialist